Living Large


My Role:

UX Design

I helped visualise the design of the Living Large online shopping website.

Problem Statement

Create a digital platform to sell exclusive and bespoke interior design products.


Project Goals
  1. Define website categories in a way that is scalable for anticipated growth and potential new products.
  2. Design a user-friendly platform to browse and shop for interior design products.
  3. Design a digital platform that can integrate seamlessly with major eCommerce marketing platforms.


Research & Approach

I worked closely with an interior designer to define interior categories that are scalable but also familiar to the target market.

We tested the defined categories by conducting short interviews with potential users to see under which category they would categorise and look for certain products on such a site.

Defining Website Categories
Preliminary Wireframing

I created low fidelity prototypes and wireframes using to define and assist with the customer conversation. This helped us gain usability insights.


Project Challenges

Client wanted designs and image dimensions for the products on the site to be in line with Facebook & Google advertising guidelines. This was due to budget constraints and the lack of resource to resize images for future advertising projects. Throughout the design process this had to be kept in mind.

Product Page Example
Home Page Design
Category Page

Tools Used

  • InVision – Freehand
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • WordPress